Success With Tamera Success With Tamera

About Tamera Aragon

Tamera Aragon founded and ran her own small businesses since her teenage years. Then at the age of 20 she founded her first multi-million dollar company.

Since then she has grown many, many successful businesses both online and off.

With the smarts to invest her money, she jumped into real estate investing.

Since that time Tamera Aragon has profited investing in hundreds of properties to date, establishing her as an expert in the real estate investing field.

Today Tamera finds her true passion lies in teaching others the steps to profitable real estate investing.

This is why she continues as an online entrepreneur and event trainer providing tools and tips for her step by step methods to finding profits in any type of real estate market.

Tamera’s experience has earned her a solid reputation in the industry as well as the respect and friendship of many top national real estate investment experts.